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What is the Role of Content in Digital Marketing? [Answers to 13 out-of-league questions revealed]

Role of Content in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing without Content is just as useless as Internet Marketing without the Internet.

While a lot of marketers and writers struggle to find a clear boundary between the two, we walked against the herd and tried finding the concurrence.

Karan Parwani isn’t just a college dude who turned towards Digital Marketing just because he thought it would be cool. Instead, he is passionate about it.

Karan Parwani
Karan Parwani

“We usually find it tough to figure out the Importance of content writing in Digital marketing. But we miss the fact that Content doesn’t just play a role in it; the whole industry is based on how we deploy Content in the digital space. You see Facebook Ads to SEO, everything is just incomplete without superior quality Content. Subpar Content is just a myth!”

To discuss more about the Importance of content writing in digital marketing, we immersed ourselves in an hour long conversation with Karan and the result was definitely worth watching!

There were a few specific topics we discussed  

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  • Offering FREE value through content
  • Value of Content in driving leads for your sales funnel
  • Why does long-form content work better?
  • Gaining authority linking with guest posting
  • Exclusive content for your email list
  • How to design a Content calendar
  • An omni channel presence
  • Fine-tune your content for each social media platform
  • Paying attention to keyword research
  • Leveraging data to optimize Content
  • Evergreen vs trending Content
  • Engaging with prospects and CTAs
  • Understanding which traffic channels are worth it


Karan had a bit of a different opinion than the rest since he is passionate and most importantly tries to explore new stuff. On asking about the ways to offer FREE values through Content, he really carried us away with his answer.

“Ebook is the first thing that comes to my mind, which delivers immense value, acts as a lead magnet, and has been existing since long. 

Apart from it, newsletters that carry all your valuables right at the doorsteps of your subscribers is a really underrated way of delivering FREE value. Everyone talks about creating a blog, a podcast or a video and stuff!”

But when we are talking about the role of Content in Digital Marketing, we need to understand that there is a lot of Content available online nowadays. There was a clear surge in Content since the first wave of the pandemic, and it’s driving the world nuts.

People are evaluating brands on the basis of their omni-channel content strategy and brand’s presence. 

The proper use of customer-centric, humanized content marketing can be a breakthrough in the grounds of digital marketing.

While talking about the role of Content in Digital Marketing, Ecommerce content writing, etc. we came across some fun facts and were able to evaluate Content from a different perspective. 

In the post-pandemic world, businesses and brands have finally realized the potential of Content. Unfortunately, this revolutionary understanding happened in one shot, making the internet more crowded than ever.

Getting your message across just by creating Content isn’t enough. Proper segregation, distribution of Content, and Content Marketing is essential.

Creating Content and Writing branded content that serves a purpose and is written for the readers, clubbed with proper digital marketing can never fail to yield results. 

Afterall, Content is one of the most predictable ways of marketing, if done right with proper KPIs defined!

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